Kicking it off

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I'm looking for a headless CMS to use with Eleventy. I have a content creation and editing flow that I like, but I might be setting up some sites for people who'd prefer to use a CMS.

I'm looking for something that's both easy to use and easy to set-up (and maintain!). This makes Git-based options attractive, so I'm starting with Forestry.

To test it out I created a simple site locally that includes:

  • A Homepage
  • Posts and a post listing page
  • Tags and a a tag listing page
  • Pagination
  • A static page

I uploaded the site to GitHub and imported it to Forestry via the "Import site" flow. From there I created a bunch of posts, tried a bunch of things and figured out what Forestry has to offer. It was fun!

I've made a post about each of the elements I decided to include, plus a wrap-up to discuss pros and cons.

  • Images - within a template and within a body of the post
  • Snippets - creating usable text or code
  • Date field - options for handling dates
  • Drafts - setting up drafts
  • Wrap up - overview, likes and dislikes